Arlene Klaar

Arlene Klaar, as a wife and mother, learned early on how to handle the purse strings so it was inevitable she became financial officer of all four companies. This has often led to Herb wondering where his check has gone.

With knowledge of both cash and accrual accounting systems, Arlene is responsible for budgeting and has complete knowledge of where Herb’s check is. She has experience in all aspects of financial forecasting – her psychic abilities come in handy here; resource allocation – take it from Peter, give it to Paul; fund management - move the Christmas Club money over to the Vacation Club; accounting – balance until every penny is accounted for; and control – purse strings attached. Arlene is also in charge of maintaining the insurance policies. Thanks to the nuns at St. Mary’s Gate of Heaven, her handwriting is so neat that C.P.A.s have inquired as to using her spreadsheets as examples in accounting books they are writing.

Through determination and foresight on her part the $ 150.00 with which Herb and Arlene started their life together has grown into these successful businesses.