Herb Klaar

Herb Klaar is president of Spectra HVAC Service Corp., Spectra Mechanical, Inc. H.V.A.C. Mechanical Contractors, Inc. and Spectra Solar Systems, LLC. Before founding the companies, he was one of the top service fitters in the Greater Metropolitan area. You could say that he started four companies for each of his four children to take over, sadly however, his children grew up with minds of their own. The only ones to follow in his footsteps are Debbie and Robert – please refer to their bios.

Herb’s responsibilities include hiring of technical and professional personnel, overseeing the smooth operation of installation and service projects and intercepting the mail to see what checks have arrived to the annoyance of Debbie – please refer to her bio. In addition to these duties he also referees all ensuing family arguments as well as developing new business.

In the second to last decade of the Cold War, Herb was responsible for servicing the HVAC equipment at the Russian Mission to the United Nations. While he was never offered borshct, he was offered vodka! Other career highlights include major renovation projects at Surgical Day Hospital at Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center and Columbia Presbyterian.

Herb is a member of the Mechanical Service Contractors Assocation (MSCA) and the Mechanical Contractors Association of America (MCAA).