NYU Jerome S. Coles Sports and Recreation Center New York, New York

The G.C. awarded our company this project due to the intricate nature of this installation. They were confident that we were the HVAC company who could execute and meet the deadlines of this project. The scope was to build a Mezzanine into the building for the mechanical equipment and install new HVAC systems into place. In order to install the new units and associated piping and duct work systems into this new Mezzanine, one of the building’s outside brick walls had to be entirely removed thus allowing us to rig and install the air handling units and water tower. A movable scaffold also had to be installed spanning the Olympic sized swimming pool in order to facilitate the sheet metal installation performed by our sub-contractor. The photos are depicting the rig of the 85 ton Governair Package Unit. In addition to this a 100 ton B.A.C. Series V Water tower, 45 ton York Custom Master Air Handling Units, 20 I.E.C. fan coil units, and B&G pumps were installed by our own forces in this total mechanical installation project that was brought in on budget and took a little over a year to complete.